Welcome to Kingdom Builders

Apostle Vincent R. Hinton, a native Chicagoan, was called to preach God's Word at the age of nineteen. He preached his first sermon at the age of twenty at Bethel House of Prayer, under the Pastoral care of Claude D. Lewis Sr. In 2005 he was led to begin sharing his knowledge of the Word of God in a weekly Bible Study which helped many believers and non-believers alike develop a deeper relationship with God. On October 21, of the same year Apostle Vince Hinton married the lovely Tiheta Taylor, who has co-labored with him in building a powerful ministry.    


This courageous couple co-founded Kingdom Builders Church on July 7, 2007. Although located in the North Austin area their dedication is helping others all over the city. Their passion to take God's Word to a hurting and lost generation has resulted in one of the fastest growing churches on the west side of Chicago. Since establishing Kingdom Builders, he and his wife have been devoted to helping to change the mindsets of people in involved with ministry for over 14 years.